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We can provide Security Guard Cabins, Prefabricated Site Office, Prefabricated Toilets, Porta Rooms/ Kitchens, Prefabricated Cottages/ Huts
Prefabricated Cottages / Huts

As an uprising company, we are also manufacturing and supplying a highly sturdy and impressive range of Prefabricated Cottages / Huts to fulfill the requirements of our customers. These Cottages are available various sizes and colours as per the choice. The Cottages / Huts are well designed by the experts and are widely appreciated by our customers. These Prefabricated Cottages / Huts are well finished and machined using modern equipment to provide precise dimensions. We make Prefabricated Cottages / Huts using quality raw material with industry standards.

Features :

  • Competitive rates
  • Ideal work
  • Comfort  
Prefabricated Cottages
Prefabricated Cottages / Huts -001
Portable Cottages
Prefabricated Cottages / Huts -002
Prefabricated Cottage / Huts
Prefabricated Cottages / Huts -003
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